How to Setup Dual Monitors on Windows 10 PC?

Windows operating system is a Microsoft Product which gives user-friendly experiences for the computer to run numerous programs and software easily. It is most preferred and widely used PC operating system. It is used for both home and office PCs. Windows always work smoothly without any issue when it is correctly configured as per the system specification.

Dual Monitor on windows 10

Multiple Window Issues fixed here

If Windows Operating System is displaying any kind of error you are required to take the help of the technicians who are well experienced and certified technicians with extensive knowledge. All the issues related with Windows OS are fixed remotely. Some of the issues are as download & Install, Redeem & Activate, Configure & Setup, Update & Upgrade, Optimize & Tune Up and diagnosis and fixing.

Things required for Dual Monitor Setup

The hardware required for setup of Dual Monitor in Windows 10 has been mentioned here. For PC you may have an extra monitor and some wires and connectors too. If you are using laptop then only an HDMI port or VGA port is required. Look for the port and connect the wire to it. Also check that computer and the graphics card are compatible with multiple monitors or not. If it is then purchase the HDMI or VGA cable and connect to it and then connect to monitor and power it on.

Dual Monitor on windows 10 2

Steps to setup second monitor

Mainly, there are four projection modes and it can be opened by pressing “Win+P” from keyboard.

  • PC Screen Only: It is a first projection in which second monitor does not display anything.
  • Duplicate: It is a next projection which is used widely and it lets the project the screen as it is on the second monitor.
  • Extend: The most important mode of projection is “Extent” which helps in extending the working area to second monitor. The setup is needed to work in this mode.
  • Second Screen only: This is an option through which only second monitor can run and primary screen get turn off.

For any other help the users are needed to contact windows 10 support and they will provide the steps and better alternatives resolutions related to queries. 

About Windows Tech Support

Windows Customer Support Executives of Windows Tech Support are best at the industries for solving issues through remote process. They are best at the industries with 24 hours availability. They deal in Support for Windows 7, Support for windows Vista, Support for Windows XP, Support for Windows 8, Support for Windows 8.1 and Support for Windows 10.


Why Upgrade To Windows 8 from Windows XP?

More than decade old Windows XP holds market share somewhere between 20-30 percent providing a one of the most user-friendly computing experience across the users. The online tech support for operating systems is a lifeline for the users and in April 2014 Microsoft has already stopped providing lifecycle support for Windows XP users.

Wndows 8 upgarde support

Since the Microsoft has ended providing lifecycle support, users are not getting security patches and updates to Windows XP SP3. Microsoft also stopped pushing updates to its security software Microsoft Security Essentials which is a long run on Windows XP. And after end-of-support, cyber criminals try to penetrate the security patches and put the system on risk. Continue reading

How to Fix Printer Problem in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has become the one of the most preferred operating system among the PC users across the world. However, windows upgrades also brings lots of concerns like data missing, Wi-Fi not working or printer not connecting or not printing any document after upgrade.

Fix Windows10 Printer

Printers not connecting or not running in Windows 10 computer needs to be fixed with right troubleshooting process offered by expert. The problem could be anything from driver to printer software, here below you can find how to printer problems in windows 10.

Use Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tool

Before you do anything you can run windows 10 own troubleshooting tool that will auto detect and fix the actual problem or will show you what the error is. If you don’t have this troubleshooting tool, download from Microsoft site or Windows 10 customer support to provide the online assistance for installing the tool and scan the actual problem.

Check Printer Driver on your CP and Upgrade

If you have recently upgraded windows 10 your PC, you need to check the printer driver and update the same with windows 10 compatible version. If driver is showing the problem or damaged, repair the same or call a technical expert to reinstall with the latest one. Printer driver needs to be updated regularly as per your system’s operating system or other software updates.

Printer Software is Installed or Not

If you have not installed printer into your computer, check and install the same with right configuration settings to avoid printing issues. To install click add on printer and run the installation setup and if there is any problem Windows 10 support number is open for such users to help them online and solve such issues wireless.

Windows 10 Printer

Find older Printer with windows 10

Instead of adding new printers you can first find the existing printer on your windows 10 through network access that would have been added earlier. If you have already added printer in your computer but now not able to find the same you can call to windows 10 support for online help. Connecting older installed printer is easier instead of adding the new one. 

Try Manual Installation of Printer

If you attempted all the above methods but failed to fix the printer problem, you can install the printer manually along with compatible drivers and configure other important settings to run the printer uninterruptedly. Manual installation and setup helps to check all other sets and adjust important functions as per the customize needs of users and feasibility of printer to run nonstop.

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How To Fix Printer Issues Faced By Windows 10 Users?

Windows 10 is the most advanced Operating System from Microsoft. It offers your system with the best level of computing. It comes with most of the advanced features that not only offers the user with the best working performance but it also makes the working process easy and offers advance computing. Windows 10 is designed with various new and advanced features such as Cortana Virtual assistant, new Microsoft edge Web browser, improved start menu, Virtual desktop and task view, improved snap assist, new table mode, much improved Mail and Calendar apps and much more.

fix windows 10 printer problems

 You can fix any device to your Windows 10 OS as per your requirement. Those who are looking to connect their printer to their Windows 10 OS need to be very careful with the various processes. In case you are a windows 10 user and looking fix issues with your Windows 10 OS then you can avail an online support from Windows 10 support number services. These are the online support services offering solution to all the Windows 10 users. Continue reading

How To Resolve Windows 10 Black Screen Issues By Entering The Safe Mode?

Windows 10 is the latest innovation of Microsoft and it comes with various advanced features that not only make the working process easy for the users but it also safes a lot of time of the user. It is designed with the motive to offer best service to the customers. It comes with various advanced and unique features to give an advance level of operating system to perform crucial computing tasks easily. Working with Windows 10 is not an easy task if you become aware with its user-interface, and other features you can use it with ease but there are several things which can create a problems and to overcome such problems users can avail help from Windows 10 support services.


Since the release of Windows 10 OS it has been inundated with constant bugs and various other inborn issues. There are number of errors faced by the user while working on Windows 10 OS including Blue screen error, Bluetooth not working error, No sound issue, Crash down of the PC while playing games on Windows 10 OS. To resolve these technical and other Windows 10 related issues customers can avail help from Windows 10 Technical support services.

Here in this blog we will let you know about how to fix black screen issues in Windows 10 OS. Although there are various ways to resolve this black screen issue with Windows 10 OS like users can also avail help from Windows 10 help support services but here we will discuss here about resolving black screen issue by entering safe mode-

  • First of all boot your PC into Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Now press Windows key + C.
  • Now go to the settings and change the PC settings
  • Then select the Update and recovery and Windows Update
  • After that select View details and Check for updates.
  • Under the optional and install the updates.

These were some of the simple steps user can follow to resolve black screen issues from Windows 10 PC. Customers who are unable to follow the following steps or are not having much time to resolve such issues can avail support from Windows 10 support services.

Now let us know about what these Windows 10 help number services all about and how to avail them?

These are the online support services working nonstop to offer help and support to the customers. These services offer help exclusively to the US customer’s through the use of remote technology. These services are offered by learned and experienced technicians. What these technicians do is they take the user’s system on remote and offers right solutions on time and at a lowest possible cost. To avail these best help support services customers can give a toll-free call at Windows 10 support phone number.


How to Install Windows 10 on Mac? or How to install Windows 7 on Mac?

Are You Looking To Install Windows 10 On Your Mac? The Process Is Easy To Be Followed!

Windows 10 is the most advanced and latest innovation of Microsoft. It comes with various wonderful and advanced features that are not only capable of making the working task easy but also it is less time consuming. One of such advanced feature of Windows 10 is Cortana. Cortana is your digital personal agent and she helps you to get things done.  It is accessible directly from the desktop by just a click or a voice command; it works as a handy helper when you need to get stuff done.

Windows Support on mac

You can ask various common questions from her such as “What’s the weather?”, and she will let you know daily about the latest news each morning. It also supports more advanced features such as providing directions, creating reminders and dictating short notes and much more. There is lot more to try! Those looking to install Windows 10 onto their Mac System can now also avail online support from Windows Mac support services. Also to install Windows 10 on Mac System one can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First of all to install Windows 10 onto your Mac PC you will require Windows 10 flash drive or disk.
  • To install Windows 10 on to your Mac Operating System one need to either have a Windows 10 flash drive or a disk drive.
  • Boot to the installer in your Mac System. In order to boot to your disk or flash drive, you will need to boot into BIOS. Mostly it will display the directions on how to get into the BIOS on the boot screen. Once in the BIOS, change the boot order to either USB or CD-ROM Drive. Then save and exit.
  • If you have any app that is not compatible with your Windows 10 Operating System on your Mac System then you will have to uninstall it before you upgrading to Windows 10 OS.
  • Once you are done, click Upgrade Now. Windows will then automatically start to upgrade on to your Mac System.
  • Click the install button after accepting the agreements. The installer will then ask for a product key, type in your product key and then click OK.
  • Wait for the installation process it might take time.
  • After the completion of the installation process the Windows 10 set-up will get installed on to your Mac System.
  • Just restart the System and enjoy Windows 10!

Those facing issues while following the above mentioned steps can simple give a toll-free call at Windows tech support Phone number and can avail best help remotely.

Now what are these support services all about and how to avail them?

Windows support for Mac services are the online support services working round the clock to offer best solutions to the customers. These services are offered remotely by learned and experienced technicians. These technicians take customers System on remote and resolves issues. Various Windows related issues are resolved here including Windows Download & Installation support for Mac, Windows Configuration & Setup Support for Mac, Hard Disk Fragmentation support, install Windows 7 on Mac support, Windows Update and Upgrade support on Mac etc. To avail these best support services customers can give a call at Windows technical support number toll-free.

How and Why To Partition Hard Drive in Windows 10 Operating System?

What is a Hard Drive?

Hard drive is the crucial component of your overall operating system. As it is the device that stores all the data files and software’s that are installed on to your system. Hard drive is the permanent storage of all your data and information including important files, folders, photos, pictures and music files. There are generally two types of hard drives: hard disk drives (HDD), which uses one or more rotating disc and depends on magnetic storage, and another one is solid-state drives (SSD), with no moving mechanical parts, but instead it uses flash memory like the one found in USB flash drives.


Why to Partition a Hard drive?

When you partition your hard drive you actually split one physical drive into number of virtual drives. A single drive can be split into volumes or it is like having different folders. So here are some of the reasons why to partition your hard drive, these are- Continue reading

How to Update Windows 10 with Online Support Services?

Microsoft has released its last version windows 10. Windows 10 has come up with best features enabling easy access to every complex process. Windows 10 have unique keyboard shortcuts and many other advanced features. Microsoft developers keep on releasing updates from time to time so as to fix more advanced and harmful bugs and protect user from cyber threats. And improve performance in a better way.


Updating windows 10 through the help of Windows 10 technical support services….

In case you are not able to update windows 10 operating system and facing issues with its update process. Widows 10 technical support services are available to support you. To update your windows operating system with latest version you need to give a call at Windows update support services. These services are always available to offer support to US customers. Here learned technicians run these services independently. These services also offer exclusive online assistance to such issues and fix all issues related to all series of windows operating system.

Issues resolved by the Windows customer technical support services

Some of the issues which you can solve with the help of these best windows customer technical support services include online support for windows 10 update, Online help for checking windows 10 new updates, Troubleshooting windows 10 update issues, Technical support for windows 10, Windows and 10 update tech support.

Ways to contact Windows 10 technical support services?

Windows customer technical services offer one step destination to offer help for Windows 10 update issues and to fix other related issues. These services are 24/7 working services. Here technician use remote technology to resolve customers issue and also they offer best service at a lowest possible cost that too on time.


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How to Speed up Windows 7 with Simple Steps?

Are you facing issues due to slow speed of your Windows 7 Operating System? As we all know Windows 7 is one of the most used and preferred operating system. However with the passage of time the system can slow down and need to be taken care off so as to regain its format glory. There are some of the features of windows 7 which can be used up to max to improve the overall performance of the system. In case, you are unable to fix these issues you can take help of our Windows 7 customer services.


Here are some of the simple steps you can use to speed up windows 7: Continue reading

Which one is better; Window 7 or Windows 10?

We are all familiar with various operating systems. An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software. It controls the complete working of the computer. Its functioning includes program execution, memory management, disk access and much more. With the development of the technology new operating systems are taking place of each other like windows 8 has taken over windows 7 and windows 10 has taken over all of them. As windows 10 is the most advanced and featured operating system.


As we know, selecting a good operating system is not an easy task; every operating system comes with hundreds of new features. And to decide which operating system is better and which is not is difficult task. Continue reading